Ontario invests $200K in workplace wellness

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Canada’s most populous province is investing almost $200,000 to support the development of a psychological health and wellness standard for paramedics.

Led by the Paramedic Association of Canada, Ontario has devoted $199,970 to the project which will help identify and address mental health issues within the profession.

“The development of a psychological health and safety standard for paramedics will assist employers in addressing mental health issues to the benefit all paramedics,” said Peter Kelly, Ottawa paramedic service chief.

This project is part of the $1.9 million being invested through the Occupational Health and Safety Prevention and Innovation Program (OHSPIP) – an initiative which supports workplace projects and partnerships that ultimately lead to improvements in occupational health and safety in Ontario.

“These projects are leading to improvements in occupational health and safety and that makes a real difference in the lives of our workers and their families,” said Kevin Flynn, Minister of Labour.

This project will develop, promote, and distribute resources that will be used to: 
  • Identify psychological hazards and possible control measures
  • Increase awareness to help reduce stigma and harassment
  • Increase the capacity of employers to promote the psychological health and wellness of paramedics
  • Prevent psychological harm from factors in the workplace

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