Moving up the tech ladder – have you got the latest HR apps?

Moving up the tech ladder – have you got the latest HR apps?

Technology has transformed nearly every aspect of how businesses are created and managed, with one surprising area - human resources (HR) - quietly becoming one of the biggest adopters. The mobile technology market is one area growing at a rapid pace, and according to one HR technology analyst, there are some apps that truly stand out as beneficial to the bottom line.

Mobile HR apps can mean HR professionals can have the tools to perform a wide range of activities in real time – including candidate interviews, leave requests, corporate metrics, and more – all on a mobile device. While some apps are available as standalone products on the Android Market or iTunes App Store, many software-as-a-service (SaaS) providers have mobile versions of their web applications created specifically for use on mobile devices.

While the mobile technology market is constantly evolving, according to influential blogger and HR analyst at Software Advice, Kyle Lagunas, there are some apps that truly stand out.

Acquiring talent:

Kenexa 2x Mobile allows business owners to manage their hiring processes remotely. The application focuses on key hiring tasks so you can execute the most basic actions needed to move the hiring process along. The app is free and syncs with Kenexa’s SaaS-based applicant tracking system. Users must have a Kenexa license.

Jobvite [web-based] is a candidate sourcing solution that enables HR to send job invitations (or Jobvites) to members of their networks on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. To plug in to this tool though, you’ll need a Jobvite subscription.

Managing talent:

Vortex’s Mobile Manager Connect [web-based] is a workforce management tool that allows HR to manage scheduling needs on the go. The application means HR can review, edit and approve time cards, violations and time off requests, all of which syncs with existing HR management and payroll systems. The app is free, but users need users Vortex Connect license to use it.

diversityDNA is a mobile diversity training app that offers insights into the impact cultural differences have on workplace conduct.


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