Most have been cheated or lied to by colleagues

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A survey has found that the majority of employees (81%) have been cheated or treated dishonestly by a colleague, according to a new survey from Hogan Assessments.

Some 10% of respondents admitted that they have been the perpetrators of such acts, including “playing dirty” to advance their careers.

However, the survey found that trust still remained at high levels. Almost three quarters (74%) said they trust their co-workers while 70% said they trust their boss.

Workers rated trustworthiness as the top trait of a good boss, which include not just honesty, but also good judgment and competence. Bad bosses, on the other hand, come in many flavours: arrogant, manipulative, passive-aggressive and more.

In another survey by Hogan Assessments, arrogance was described as a trait of their worst manager (52%), followed by being manipulative (50%), passive-aggressive ness (44%) and being distrustful (42%).

One quality that has often been praised as a positive trait, is also a red flag for an untrustworthy manager: charisma. People with this characteristic “make really good impressions and seem leader-like,” but are “typically following their own personal agendas”, making them less likely to support subordinates or put the company’s interests ahead of their own, said Robert Hogan, founder of Hogan Assessments.

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