Millions of new jobs waiting in the cloud

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By 2015 an additional 14 million jobs will have been created globally as a result of cloud commuting taking hold in the corporate world, and experts have forecasted Canada will be a hotbed of that job creation.

According to a new study by Microsoft released this week, as a result of growing cloud computing adoption, businesses stand to save more than $1trn each year by outsourcing their IT to remote “cloud” computing providers, freeing up more capital to spend on better hires. “Efficiencies gained from cloud computing are applied to innovation broadly (not just IT), such as hiring more sales, finance, production, marketing people and more,” the software giant forecasted in the report. “In this way, cloud computing differs from traditional outsourcing.”

Canadian businesses have indeed quickly caught on to the cloud computing trend, and according to IDC data, North America has broadly led the world in cloud adoption rates. Notably, the study found that some 36,000 new jobs will be created in Canada as a result of cloud computing by the end of 2012 alone; by the end of 2015, Microsoft expects that figure to have more than doubled.

As corporate Canada undergoes this rapid shift in the way business is conducted, the researchers highlighted the economic gains that stand to be made. “A little money spent up front to reach for the cloud leads to impressive returns down the line,” the report said.

As the shift towards widespread cloud adoption continues, it certainly appears the pro-cloud cost-savings channel may soon have millions of new supporters.


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