Middle managers bear the brunt of workplace pressure

Middle managers bear the brunt of workplace pressure

Middle managers and junior staff face the most amount of pressure in the workplace, more so than CEOs and senior executives.

In a survey of 1,500 UK employees by consultancy Lane4, a massive 91% of workers said they felt that middle managers are under the most amount of pressure, and some of that stress trickles down to the most junior staff.

One in five junior staff said that they are under extreme pressure, despite just starting on their careers.

The survey also revealed that almost half of workers polled (48%) felt under pressure at work and that two-fifths of them rated their stress as ‘severe’.

Nearly 1 in 2 workers in the private sector said their workload had increased after retrenchment in the company, while more than a third were concerned about their personal job security.

Nearly a quarter reported taking on extra projects to help colleagues who might be struggling with their workload.

The findings suggested a need for change in employer attitudes to junior staff and how their training is managed, researchers said.

Adrian Moorhouse, Lane4’s managing director, said: “It’s a leader’s job to ensure that all staff are able to cope in these tough times.

"If it’s junior staff that are feeling a large amount of pressure as revealed in the study, they must provide the tools and techniques to help develop resilience and success strategies. This will help them to thrive on the pressure, rather than crumble beneath it.”


  • L.Guy 2012-10-24 2:44:53 PM
    It's way past time to rethink executive compensation. The real work is done by the workers - those working managers and staff - and yet they are compensated the least.

    I now deliberately pursue non-management roles because the stress is just too much and there is no worklife balance.
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