Majority say switching jobs helps career growth

Majority say switching jobs helps career growth

More than two-thirds of workers believe that experience with multiple employers is an asset to their career development (68%), according to the Kelly Global Workforce Index.

Slightly more than half (51%) go as far to say that in order to develop their skills and advance their careers, it is more important to change employers rather than to remain with their existing employer.

Some 52% said that their current employer is not realising their full potential, with only 34% who felt that they will have the opportunity to progress if they stay put.

In addition, half of the respondents admit that they are actively on the lookout for new jobs, even if they are content with their current ones.

“Employers face the reality that even happy workers are actively planning for the next step in their career and that many workers are seeing the advantages of wider employment experiences with a more diverse range of organizations,” said Mark Hall, Kelly Services’ newly appointed Country General Manager for Singapore.

“Employers need to consider ways to improve their development and promotional programs so that employees think twice before switching employers”.

The survey polled 6,000 workers in Singapore.