Lunch time frugality comes at a price

Lunch time frugality comes at a price

With the sky high cost of living, we all want to save money and taking a sandwich or leftovers for lunch can be ideal. Some studies estimate that taking a brown bagged lunch can save individuals upwards of $500 a year.

But what about the fashion conscious amongst us? Taking a ratty-looking bag on the train looks decidedly uncool. If only there were a designer option…

Turns out there is, although it will cost you many weeks’ worth of lunches to buy. German designer Jil Sander has produced a brown paper bag, the ‘Vasari bag’, that will cost you $290, plus shipping.

The “100% coated paper” bag is 20cm wide and 36cm long – with a “rectangular silhouette” according to the website – and has the designer’s name printed on the outside. With its “school-lunch chic look”, the bag is designated as part of the men’s collection.

While you could probably buy all the makings for less than $5, it seems there’s a market for products like this – it’s currently sold out.

Photo: Jil Sander


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