Live pigs and punching bags: weird things seen in the office

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The phrase “make yourself at home” is a warm way to welcome people to the office, but it seems some people are taking that a little too far.

According to a new survey from The Creative Group, some of the strangest things executives have seen around the office are things that would usually live at home, including a pair of men’s underwear, a drawer full of clothes and a rock collection.

The weird doesn’t end there though. From things with an animal theme:

  • A live pig
  • A mermaid sculpture
  • A Siamese fighting fish
  • A large black rat
  • A tree frog
  • A stuffed pink gorilla

To things you would hope not to see even at home:

  • A jar of pickled pigs’ feet
  • A marble tombstone
  • A rotten orange

Some offices apparently haven’t been cleaned out in up to 70 years, with antique finds including a cellphone from 1986, a Life magazine from 1934, a lava lamp and a 1950s TV.

But sometimes, of course, the people are stranger than anything else one might find. One survey respondent described this bittersweet scene as their strangest work experience: “A person who sat next to the employee left the company, so the employee cut out a picture of the guy's head and put it on a wooden stick on his desk.”

What’s the strangest thing you’ve seen at work?

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