Lighter Side: World’s weirdest job titles

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Anyone can be a coordinator, manager or officer, but some job titles are true head scratchers. HRM tracked down the best job titles from around the world and some are truly impressive.
  • Full Time Wiener Peeler 
  • Erection Superintendent 
  • S&M Coordinator (Some jobs, such as the Sales & Marketing Coordinator, don’t need abbreviating)
  • Chick Sexer 
  • Expert Upsetter
  • Ghost Hunter 
  • Animal Colourist
  • Travel Space Agent
  • Hair Boiler
What’s the weirdest job title at your organization? Workopolis has a Manager of First Impressions – who sits at the front desk to direct visitors and callers.
  • Jeanne on 2014-08-22 3:18:02 PM

    Admin Support Supervisor (ASS)

  • J. on 2014-08-25 10:20:41 AM

    Business Unit Manager (BUM)

  • J. on 2014-08-25 10:21:10 AM

    Business Unit Manager (BUM)

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