Lighter side: Man shot with tranquilizer dart in safety drill fail

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We all know how important workplace health and safety is, but it appears that communication is even more important for a Tenerife zoo.

The MailOnline reported that Loro Parque ran a safety drill involving a gorilla escape. Unfortunately, nobody remembered to tell the vet that it was just a drill and he shot a zoo worker in the leg with a tranquiliser dart designed for a gorilla.

The worker was taken to hospital, but made a full recovery, according to a statement the zoo made to MailOnline.

The statement said that the drill was carried out in a security zone and was only attended by the park’s authorised personnel, who set off an emergency alarm.

“Once the various activities and communications were carried out according to protocol, a keeper from the wild mammals team was struck by a tranquilizer shot that the vets use in this kind of situation,” the statement said.

The man was seen by paramedics and taken to hospital, where he was treated and discharged. 

The zoo has denied early reports claiming the man was dressed in a gorilla suit when he was shot.

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