Lack of responses demoralizes young job seekers

Lack of responses demoralizes young job seekers

It’s tough times to be a new grad – older workers are working longer, positions are being outsourced or combined with others to reduce costs.

Three quarters of those aged 16 to 30, surveyed by the Prince’s Trust and Royal Bank of Scotland, said finding work was harder than ever, and a third said it would be more than six months before they found work.

It was “demoralizing”, according to 60% of the respondents, especially those who said they had applied to hundreds of positions.

It’s not all grim – one in ten had set up their own businesses, and were more positive about their career prospects than those who were still unemployed.

“It remains a difficult time for the young unemployed and the longer they are out of work the more likely they are to sink into a spiral of disappointment and depression,” Martina Milburn, chief executive of the Prince’s Trust, said. “Setting up in business can be an escape route out of the dole queue for these young people – and a route to success.”

While it would be difficult and disillusioning to receive no response or feedback on their applications, however, it could be unrealistic to expect HR and recruiters, who receive upwards of 200 applications to every position to reply to every application.

“It is important that you acknowledge as many applications as possible, but it is impossible to manually respond to everyone in cases where you have 50-75 applications or more daily,” Samuel Barnes, Director of Talent Acquisition ZanderMax Technologies, said. “Automation is the key here, and while impersonal, it gets the job done and keeps everyone in the loop.”


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