Improving employee performance the easy way

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So what are the basics?

“Most of my programs I start off by teaching people how to shake hands,” says Smith. It’s an early indicator to how a business relationship will play out so it’s important to get it right. After all, we all know how horribly wrong they can go…
According to Smith, a successful handshake has to be web to web: “Our webs are that little flap of skin between our index finger and our thumb,” explains Smith, “your web has to meet the other person’s web, then the fingers curl around the hand and you apply pressure. One, two, three shakes are okay, four is getting strange and five is creepy.”

Again, it might seem glaringly obvious to some but not everyone will be as adept as you imagine. Why not test your team out on their interpersonal skills and let us know how they fared.
What’s your worst experience regarding the nuances of business etiquette? Let us know below. 

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