HRM Online spends 5 minutes with...

HRM Online spends 5 minutes with...

Bonni Titgemeyer
Managing Director, HR Consultant and HR Blogger
The Employers’ Choice Inc

Years in HR

The worst job you ever had
I can’t say I’ve ever worked at a company that could be labeled as a “worst job”, but the most valuable thing needed in HR initiatives is time, and sometimes I do not have enough time to do the best job I can and this can be frustrating.

Your first job in HR
I worked as a Pay Equity Consultant at Mathews Dinsdale and Clark. 

The most outrageous (and best) company perks you’ve experienced
I once worked with an IT company where they kept the refrigerator stocked sufficiently with “junk food” so that the developers were able to tap into things they wanted to eat during late night development benders. They also had good couches that were long enough for people to crash on.  The staff loved it there.

Your best candidate interview story
Because I am a HR blogger, there is information about me on social media. A candidate trying to find ways to relate to me ended up, quite literally, reciting my entire life story as it relates to what is publicly available in the interview. He had also connected with everyone we knew in common to get the “story”. I had to have a discussion with the candidate about the difference between networking and stalking as he quite freaked me out!

Your most embarrassing HR faux pas
I once substituted two names on a payroll change form, and the wrong person was put on maternity leave (payroll done out of a different office). This was complicated by the fact that there was a postal strike and this person did not receive their ROE for almost 30 days.

What inspires you
Seeing others in HR do great work!

The best thing about working in HR
My fellow colleagues.

The worst
Work/life balance is not always attainable.

Does HR have a place at the boardroom table
Sure, but HR has to be an integral part of the business, not just a group of compliance officers.

What are the biggest challenges facing HR?
Business is rapidly changing; learning to automate some aspects of HR to focus more on the elements that need a human touch. Social media is transforming work in so many ways, from how staff use their time to how we recruit. I find that HR is currently in a catch-up phase rather than being on the leading edge.