HR Shock: man includes racy photo with resume

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A man who sent a picture of his genitals with his job application did not get a job offer, but did get a visit from the police.
Ironically, the Dallas, Texas, man was applying for a position with employment support agency Texas Workforce Solutions.
The TWS employee who received his application and “unique letter of recommendation promptly called police. They tracked his application and issued the man a ticket for "obscene display or distribution".”
"I think I know why he can't find a job," police spokesman Demarquis Black told the Dallas Observer.
It's possible the man sent the picture by mistake, as happened to York student Vanessa Hojda in 2012. Luckily for Hojda her mistaken attachment was a fairly innocent photo of Nicolas Cage, rather than anything deserving police attention.

What's the strangest attachment you've received with a job application?
  • Catherine on 2014-04-01 6:46:29 PM

    A picture of the candidate with Nelson Mandela - no connection to the role but they were obviously very proud of it!

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