“Get with the social media program” says Gen Y

“Get with the social media program” says Gen Y

“Get with the social media program” says Gen Y

If your company hasn’t already involved your employees in social media, it might seem daunting but the cost of not having a presence is getting higher.

While many employers are using social media for marketing purposes, it seems at least 60% are not using it to connect with staff. The results of a recent survey from recruitment company Hyphen found 69% of workers aged 25- 34 thought an active social media presence was important for an organization’s reputation and employer brand. Across all age ranges half of respondents agreed with the statement.

“Used effectively, social media has the power to engage, attract and retain talent, foster new business opportunities and bolster reputation – online and offline,” Hyphen’s managing director Zain Wadee said.

“Our research shows that businesses are out of touch with a new generation of employees that communicate and engage with organizations online more often than they do offline. Businesses and brands that invest in digital and extend their communications to social networks will ultimately strengthen their talent and profit pipelines,” he added.

Underlining the importance of social media for recruitment, a fifth of Generation Y jobseekers said they would routinely look at an organization’s Twitter feed to find out more about it before considering an application to work there.


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