Gen Y workers lacking professional etiquette

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Gen Y seems to be getting the nod of disapproval at workplaces. Professionalism among these young workers is on the decline, a recent study finds out.

Reported by Business Insider, this bad impression starts right from the recruitment process to the first step the young worker takes into the office: more than a third report that the level of professionalism among new hires has decreased in the last five years. Moreover, 52% of respondents said new employees arrived at the workplace with an air of entitlement.

However, it could be a case of the blind leading the blind. Young workers tend to look at fellow entry-level peers for tips on professionalism and etiquette rather than seeking help from older employees.

The researchers surveyed 400 HR professionals about their experiences recruiting and hiring recent college graduates in a variety of industries and roles. Professionalism was judged on appropriate appearance, punctuality, regular attendance, honesty, attentiveness and sticking with a task through completion, Business Insider reports.

 Have you noticed poor manners and unprofessional behaviour from your junior workers? Discuss it in the comments.

  • CJGrace on 2014-03-11 2:33:42 PM

    I have found, not just in HR, that customer service skills are on the decline and especially with younger workers. They lack the professionalism that is required. It's a shame because if they knew the impact it will have on their career, I believe they'd be more customer focused.

  • Patti on 2014-03-11 2:53:31 PM

    disclaimer - I am a boomer. Gen Y is not displaying any more entitlement behaviours than the boomer generation before them. Unfortunately Gen Ys learned from the most entitled generation ever produced. Good behaviour & professionalism should be a workplace focus for all generations - not just easy targets like Gen Ys.

  • Mona El Mnakabady on 2014-03-13 4:13:50 AM

    With the huge knowledge generation Y come in to the workplace , they unintentionally , disregard and get over the classical manners and rigid etiquette rules set up many years ago. Older generation would do better to embrace, accommodate and absorb their attitude and manners.

  • Christine on 2014-03-17 12:27:27 PM

    I have noticed a lack of knowledge about appropriate/professional behaviors in the workplace from other Gen Y workers (I myself am a millennial too). I find many Gen Y workers come into the workforce with very little other work experience, which may be part of the reason they are unfamiliar with expectations regarding professionalism.
    I do think, however, that it can be easily overcome by ensuring that they are aware of the expectations from the start, and by also ensuring that the entire workplace (as Patti mentioned above, not just Gen Y) is being held to the same level of professionalism.

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