Employee engagement: Two ways you didn’t know how

Employee engagement: Two ways you didn’t know how

Engaged employees work harder, get better results and are less likely to leave, but is your company missing some esoteric opportunities to boost engagement that focus on seemingly unrelated areas?

It’s not the most obvious correlation, but when Chicago-based HR Solutions chief engagement officer Kevin Sheridan noticed it was the same companies that were scoring well on engagement and on diversity and inclusion, he decided to investigate.

The results were conclusive – there’s a definite link.

“So what does that mean for managers? If you care about engagement, you better care about diversity and inclusion,” says Sheridan.

Sheridan will be in Toronto for Ceridian’s Speaking Series this week, along with labour and employment lawyer Stuart Ducoffe.

Ducoffe will focus on the connection between disability accommodation and engagement. More than diversity, accommodation is often seen as a negative by managers who see only the cost and inconvenience of having to make changes in the workplace for new or existing workers. Not only do most overestimate the actual cost but also few recognize the real benefits.

“The by-product of that is much higher levels of employee engagement, not only for the employee who needs accommodating but for all staff,” he says. “And from an employee longevity standpoint, disabled employees stay in their roles for an average of seven years – much longer than most.”

Managers need to do “the full equation” before writing off accommodation as a negative for the company, he says.

This is the first such event Ceridian has held, and senior marketing manager Jeff Livingston says they want to fill a gap for HR pros, who often have to attend large conferences to access experts like Sheridan and Ducoffe. With about 150 attendees, there will be time for discussion and strategizing with the speakers.

“It’s very important that there’s something tactical to take away from this,” Livingston says. “We’re looking at giving them tools in the morning that they can use in the afternoon.”

Details of the event are available on Ceridian’s website.