Eight jobs that didn’t exist 10 years ago

Eight jobs that didn’t exist 10 years ago

Just one hundred years ago we had switchboard operators, street sweepers and lamp lighters – now it’s IT and sustainability advisers. Here are some other roles you weren't recruiting for at the start of the century.

App Developer

It started with the iPhone but Android wasn’t far behind – now it’s a booming market whether you’re a media outlet looking to develop a mobile news app or a company with a service being adapted for use on the go. It’s a young field, and the experts are young, too. TED recently featured 12-year-old Thomas Suarez, whose apps have been downloaded by thousands of people and who teaches kids at his school how to develop apps.

Search Engine Optimization Specialist

SEO has existed for as long as search engines, but it certainly wasn’t a career path our parents considered. These days being on page one of search results could be the difference between success and failure – according to a Cornell study the top three results get 79% of the clicks. No wonder we’re looking for experts to boost that spot.

Educational Consultant

It’s not an advantage most of us had, but well-off parents are now hiring experts to ensure their kids get into the best schools – some starting from pre-school! From finding the best tutor, to coaching for college interviews and even having an “in” with administrators, some education consultants earn six figures to make sure little Tommy gets the best start.

Chief Listening Officer

Communications has been around for a long time but traditionally it was about shouting at potential customers in hopes someone would hear. As social media becomes ubiquitous many companies are coming to terms with the need to listen. Kodak appointed Beth LaPierre to this role in 2010. She’s since moved on, but before she left she monitored more than 300,000 mentions of Kodak on Facebook, Twitter, message forums, YouTube, blogs, and elsewhere on the Web every day.

Cloud Computing Services

Ten years ago “cloud computing” would have sounded like gibberish. Now, with so much work based online, remote staff scattered around the country or the world (more on them later) and thousands of gigabytes of data to be shared, cloud computing services, accessible from anywhere, is becoming central to many companies.

User Experience Designer

Every time you interact with a person, product or company you’re having a “user experience” and now companies are starting to take notice. From web design to customer service, it’s all about trying to improve how people feel as they access services.

Telework Manager

Remember those remote employees accessing the cloud? They’re part of a whole new management world where the old rules don’t apply. The question of how to keep workers engaged, productive and satisfied when they’re never in the same building as their boss is one that’s still being worked through, but judging by the business books section there are plenty of people trying. For companies with many remote workers a specific manager is key; managers with staff onsite are likely to lose focus on those they don’t see.

Online Advertising Manager

Remember newspaper ads? You bought the page space, had some graphics put together and chose how often and for how long it would run. These days your options are just about limitless and the online advertising manager is the one telling you about the latest developments, whether it’s tracking your customers to their favourite sites, adding animation or pop-ups. Strategic, savvy and on top of all the trends, these managers know exactly what they’re worth to their bosses!


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