“Dare to care,” urges top CEO

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Health and wellness is increasingly catching the attention of HR professionals everywhere but many still see the issue as a fad or passing trend – here, one leading CEO urges employers to take meaningful action and put effective wellbeing programs in place.

Health and wellness are intrinsic states of being, coming from a place within ourselves where we organically have a sense of calm, contentment and clarity. This arises when we have – or are working toward – a knowing and feeling of purpose and meaning as the driving force of vitality in our lives.
Yet in today’s fast-paced world of information overload where time and money are in ever-shrinking supply, friends and family get placed on the back burner, rest and relaxation are luxuries and completing the never-ending to-do list is a mere pipe dream, living with purpose can be a challenge. When we feel disconnected from our life’s purpose, stress and disease are more likely to occur. Thus wellness is integral to how we live and work.
Being with a sense of purpose and meaning can be enhanced when one has a group surrounding us that offers care and support for one’s continued success. This group can exist at home, in places of worship, among friends and in the workplace. Given that most people spend their days at work where they receive and negotiate health benefits, the workplace represents extraordinary possibilities for setting a tone of well-being.
Employers that dare to truly care about their employees’ well-being can create environments for happier and healthier employees; this translates into increased productivity, cost savings and general satisfaction. With the advent of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), employers now have incentives to offer employee wellness programs as part of the health benefits package, but the rules and regulations for tracking costs and being in compliance can be confusing, and keeping up can be a burden for HR people.


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