Considering the circumstances: HR grey areas

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When employees break the rules some managers want to throw the book at them, but it's wise to always examine the circumstances.

The grey areas of HR were examined early this week in a case where a diabetic employee ate chips off the store shelf to prevent a diabetic attack. She was fired, but the employer now faces an expensive legal process and possible settlement as she sues for discrimination.

"The Manager and not the employee should be fired. Would they rather have the employee go into insulin shock instead? There are 'exceptions' in every case and this is one of them," HRM reader JoAnn commented.

Another reader, Danny G was surprised the employer even let it get to the court stages.

"Duh apologize and compensate the girl... Is the organization actually supporting his decision?" he wrote. "Hard to believe a person with even the slightest amount of common sense would do something so ridiculous as fire this poor girl. I'd love to have had a chat with this guy in my office after finding out what he did."

What did you think of the situation?

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