Canadians oppose temp foreign workers competing for jobs

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Are Canadian workers losing out to jobs because of international competition? More than two-thirds of Canadians (68.8%) are opposed to allowing temporary foreign workers into Canada while Canadians qualified for those same jobs are looking for work.

The region most opposed is British Columbia, where 76.5% of adults are opposed, - the CBC/Nanos survey of 1,000 adults found.

Older respondents were more opposed to allowing temporary foreign workers. Some 74.5% of those in the 60+ bracket were opposed, compared  with 69.6% of Canadians aged 30- 39, and just 5% of 18- 29 year olds

While the federal government has taken steps to improve the country’s immigration policy to better fit immigration to skills shortages, only 41% of those surveyed are satisfied with the current policy.

When it comes to benefits, seven in 10 Canadians are opposed to giving temporary foreign workers any benefits beyond basic health care.


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