Canadians like a little love in the workplace

Canadians like a little love in the workplace

Canadians like a little love in the workplace

Things may be heating up in Canadian workplaces, and it may not the humidex that’s causing the steamy conditions. According to a newsurvey, the majority of Canadians support the idea of the office romance.

The latest Randstad Global Workmonitor survey found 59% of employees say office romances occur within their organization and 66% believe they need not be problematic.

Employees around the world also supported a little office romance, 57% of global respondents indicated romantic relationships occur in their workplace. The survey found workers in China, India and Malaysia are the most likely to have a romance with a coworker (around 70%). In Japan (33%) and Luxembourg (36%) however relationships are less likely to become amorous.

Stacy Parker, executive vice president of marketing for Randstad Canada said, like it or not, office romances happen. "People spend a significant amount of time in the office and it is often a place where people feel a sense of community. The company is likely filled with people who share the same values, principles, work ethic, skills, and education. So it's not that surprising that romances tend to spark between employees," she said.

The survey results also found when a romantic relationship occurs 42% of Canadians believe one of the two enamored employees should be transferred to another department. But resignation is a step too far; globally, only 24% of respondents think one employee should resign compared to 21% or Canadian employees.


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