Canada tops places international workers want to move

Canada tops places international workers want to move

One in four workers say they would like to move overseas, with a 10% pay rise to boot, and it seems global mobility is only going up. Alongside an aging workforce and worsening skills shortages, foreign workers will become increasingly important and it’s up to each company to make the most of Canada’s strong international brand.

Within Canada, nearly half of workers would consider taking a full-time job in another country for two to three years with a 10% pay increase, according to the survey by Ipsos and the Canadian Employee Relocation Council (CERC).

Globally, one-quarter (25%) of employees said they would be very likely, up from 19% last year, according to  the poll of nearly 13,000 employees from 24 countries. Four in 10 (42%) global employees strongly agree “the country that the foreign assignment would send me to is a major factor in my decision to relocate or not.”

For the first time in the annual survey cycle, employees were asked to choose their top countries of possible relocation: the United States (34%), the United Kingdom (22%), Australia (20%), Canada (20%), Switzerland (16%) and Germany (15%).

When it comes to recruiting overseas skilled labour, being based in Canada is a boon for employers – now it’s up to HR to make the most of that advantage.