Best perks are time-savers, not just nice gestures

Best perks are time-savers, not just nice gestures

Another week another engagement tip – it’s hard to keep up with all the different suggestions. But it seems that what employees really appreciate is benefits that save them time. While an at work masseuse sounds like heaven to sore shoulders, on-site laundry or dry-cleaning might be a better choice for inspiring your workers. Health-related perks also give your workers an easy way to improve their health and could reduce absences overall.

“Today, time is more valuable than money,” productivity consultant Clair Tompkins said. “So although a financial bonus is great, perks that save people time, like shuttle services, daycare and on-site dry cleaning, are actually worth more in terms of quality of life.”

Top time-saving opportunities:

Cleaning service

Who does it: Silicon Valley’s Akraya

What they offer: A professional cleaner at employees’ homes twice a month.

The payoff: Workers who focus on cleaning up their workloads, instead of worrying about whether their home will be ready for guests this weekend.

On-site doctor's office

Who does it: Software firm SAS

What they offer: An on-site health care centre at their headquarters for workers and families

The payoff: Workers don’t skip preventative care, and don’t have to take time off work to travel to an off-site office. From physicians and nurse practitioners to nutritionists and physical therapists – almost any general medical problem can be addressed at the centre.

On-site laundry/dry cleaning

Who does it: All the big ones – Twitter, Facebook and Google

What they offer: Laundry rooms or dry-cleaning services on site

The payoff: It’s a great attraction tool, and it encourages workers to stay at work rather than leaving to run errands. What’s more, there’s plenty of time to work while the wash cycle completes so you’re making your employee’s lives more efficient and a lot easier.