Wellness on a shoestring: free resources for employee health

Wellness on a shoestring: free resources for employee health

Wellness on a shoestring: free resources for employee health

Budgets are tight, but you still want to support the health, wellness and fitness of your staff. So what options do you have that don’t cost anything? Some online resources are free to access, costing nothing but time (which HR has plenty of, right?)

Economical Insurance Group implemented a walking program for its employees, which has seen high participation rates, using a free online program.

“We started with a simple Google search just to find out what’s out there,” vice-president, HR programs and corporate communications Jennifer Allan told Benefits Canada. “There are lots of things – there are map trackers, kilometre gauges and spread sheets.”

She also suggested reaching out to local colleges and students, who are on the “cutting edge” of developments. These students need practical experience and are able to write policy, develop programs and research options often for low or no cost.

Some companies with programs that can be purchased also offer free online resources, and there are whole communities dedicated to sharing resources and information.


Wellness Proposals – although they make their living offering wellness programs, this company has also put together a range of free resources for everything from building a tobacco-free workplace to encouraging heart health.

SparkPeople: Originally aimed at individuals, SparkPeople’s employee program describes itself as the “the fastest-growing healthy living community in the world” giving access to personalized programs, incentive ideas and examples of promotional material

Infinite Wellness Solutions: Sometimes it’s nice when other people do the work for you – Infinite Wellness Solutions has put together a list of free wellness documents that you can download and start using today.