Live to work or work to live?

Live to work or work to live?

Most Canadian’s work to live and many are prepared to sacrifice money for job security and job enjoyment, according to Randstad Canada.

The global workmonitor survey found 82% of Canadian respondents work to pay their bills, which is on par with the global average, the major exception is work-loving Luxembourg where only 23% of respondents said they agreed with the statement ‘I work to live’. Three out of ten Canadian employees also said they would quit their job if it didn’t offer the opportunity for personal development.

Stacy Parker, executive vice president of marketing at Randstad Canada says, " Canada's workforce is motivated by a number of factors - for some people it is being able to earn a wage that keeps them going to work every day, while others take into consideration factors such as a good working environment, perks, flexible working hours, co-operative colleagues and job satisfaction."

The survey also found 66% of Canadians do not consider a good salary to be more important than enjoying their work and 40% of Canadian employees are prepared to forego a part of their salary in order to secure their job.

"Canadians have made it clear that although they may be working to pay the bills, they care a great deal about their jobs and about enjoying what they do for a living," Parker says. "But it's important to remember that it's not enough to focus solely on making the most of work, but rather to combine work and play, work and home life, work and health. Balance is essential."

The Workmonitor global surveyed workers in 32 countries across Europe, the Asia Pacific and the Americas.


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