Employee benefits are going green

Employee benefits are going green

Environmentally responsible benefits are becoming increasingly attractive to employees, particularly those of the younger persuasion.

According to a study from AMP, 83% of Gen Y job-seekers trust a company more if it is socially and environmentally responsible and 64% said their company’s social and environmental activities make them feel loyal.

For many organizations green benefits have become a key recruitment and retention tool, particularly in renewable energy industries, but increasingly in the wider corporate sector.

Environmentally friendly employee benefits, such as a ‘clean commute’ policy, vouchers for energy efficient light bulbs or a solar hot water service may also fall in line with your organization’s CSR policy.

You can also ‘green’ your benefits on the administrative side. Ask your insurer to help you go paperless by requesting booklets and guides in digital format or choose an insurer with online administration and paperless claims.  

Green benefits on offer:

Calgary Laboratory Services allows employees to use their flexible spending toward environmental products and services.

Enmax Corp. in Calgary has an eco-rebate program in place, providing employees with rebates on alternative energy systems in their homes.

US based NRG Systems offer a stipend of $300 a year to buy compact fluorescent light bulbs and improved energy-efficient windows. They also give $1,000 per year for solar hot water systems and solar PV panels.

Vancouver City Savings Credit Union supports annual “Bike to Work Week” and competes against other workplaces for the most bike commutes, hours logged and kilometres travelled.

Veridian Corp provides employees with interest-free loans for the purchase of energy-efficient appliances for their homes.

Fraser Milner Casgrain LLP has a clean commute program in place which encourages employees to take public transport to work or walk, bike or telecommute from home.

Boston-based Ener-Noc has implemented an incentive program that includes cash bonuses for influencing others to become energy efficient and a $100 per month subsidy for employees who purchase hybrid cars.