Beer: an employee benefit?

Beer: an employee benefit?

Beer: an employee benefit?

Breweries are consistently turning up in ‘best employers’ lists, leading the way with benefits that reflect organizational culture, promote engagement and of course, offering workers free beer.  

For employees at Toronto based Steam Whistle Brewing observing a daily knock off beer, or ‘beer o’clock’, is an integral part of the company’s culture. Sybil Taylor, Steam Whistle Brewing’s communications director, says the 5pm ritual allows employees from different departments to interact and they inevitably end up talking about work. Employees also receive weekly vouchers toward a 12 pack of pilsner.

Taylor says the brewer’s benefits structure promotes employee engagement and helps define the workplace culture.

“A happy, engaged employee who is feeling confident, respected and accomplished in their position is what we’re trying to achieve,” she says. “One of the reasons we have profit sharing is so our employees can be a part of the company’s decisions and success. We believe if people are happy at work their performance will reflect that.”

Steam Whistle isn’t the only company giving away free beer,  Molson Coors also offers a beer allowance as a benefit for workers. Employees can take home a weekly supply of the amber liquid, can attend Molson Beer Academy and participate in ‘Love of Beer Day’ a full day of tastings, tours and beer appreciation.

Beer Benefits:

Steam Whistle: a 12 pack of beer a week plus daily knock-off drinks

Molson Coors: 24 pack of beer a week

Big Rock Brewery: employees receive a monthly 24-can allowance from this Calgary brewer

Deschutes Brewery: this Oregon, CA based brewer offers a 24 pack a week and 12 discounted kegs a year

New Belgium Brewing: based in Colorado, New Belgium Brewing offers employees one knock-off beer a day and the winner of a quarterly beer tasting competition gets a namesake brew distributed in-house

Northern Brewer: there’s a kegerator (a refrigerated keg) waiting in the employee break room of this U.S based brewery supply chain