• HRPA nears legislative goal 09 Mar 2012

    Human resources professionals are a step closer to being the modern, self-governing organisation they see themselves as. read more

  • Benefits: The bottom line 08 Mar 2012

    Employers are often faced with the dilemma of doing more with less when it comes to benefits. Joel Kranc explains some of the ways employers can simultaneously achieve cost containment and effective benefits programs. read more

  • Increase in promotions without pay rise 08 Mar 2012

    A new report has indicated that many senior HR directors are handing out promotions but not offering a salary increase to match – and it’s putting retention of top performers at risk. read more

  • Making a redundancy? Redeployment might be better 08 Mar 2012

    Against a shaky economic backdrop, redundancies are never too far from HR’s agenda. But when faced with the need to dissolve a role, HR must ensure the focus is on redeployment and retention wherever possible. read more

  • Irish skilled talent may be Canada's labour saviour 06 Mar 2012

    Saskatchewan’s minister of advanced education Rob Norris has said that an increase in visits to the job posting board by people from Ireland shows that the land of the leprechaun offers a pool of potential labour. read more

  • How should HR handle the death of an employee? 06 Mar 2012

    The unfortunate task of delivering hard news to employees often falls to HR, and while death is never an easy subject to deal with, having a protocol in place ensures that the matter will be dealt with appropriately and professionally. read more

  • Warning: Keep on top of your payroll software or pay the penalty 06 Mar 2012

    An SAP-based HR software system rolled out by government departments in the US state of Kentucky caused an employee to be paid $10,000 erroneously – but the finger has been pointed at “material weaknesses” in the administration of the software, not glitches in the coding itself. read more

  • Millions of new jobs waiting in the cloud 06 Mar 2012

    By 2015 an additional 14 million jobs will have been created globally as a result of cloud commuting taking hold in the corporate world, and experts have forecasted Canada will be a hotbed of that job creation. read more

  • Canadian wage slump means HR must bolster engagement through non-financial incentives 01 Mar 2012

    New data from Statistics Canada has indicated that wages aren’t keeping up with inflation and the rising cost of living and HR experts have warned that non-financial engagement incentives are more important than ever. read more

  • Is the resume an out-dated hiring tool? 01 Mar 2012

    A US-based entrepreneur who started a business in the mid-2000s did not have a HR team to take the pain out of hiring, and soon grew weary of wading through stacks of resumes to find the best applications. That is why he created a new system that says goodbye to the resume forever. read more