Improved ROE Web Access

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Service Canada officially launched its online registration system on November 4.

This means you can register for the service from the comfort of your computer without requiring an “in person” authentication. This in particular is of great benefit to businesses located outside of Canada who have employees in Canada.  You will still be required to go through the process of authentication, which is accomplished by registering for a Canada Revenue Agency account.

In addition, if you are currently set up to issue ROEs online through ROE Web, there are a few improvements to ROE Web functionality including:

  • Allowing online change to the Primary Officer of your account
  • Being action based, prompting the user to choose an action to perform upon sign in, such as uploading a payroll extract file or inputting a new ROE.
  • Providing designated officers with the ability to manage user access rights
  • Providing the ability to organize ROEs into folders. This is handy particularly for those who have more than one business.
  • Easier access to the demonstration site. The user will be given a reference number. You will be able to see how the application works, practice issuing ROEs online, and test payroll extract files.


- Bill Smyth CPA, FCGA, FCPA

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