HRPA – back on track or heading in the wrong direction?

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I think that all organizations have to be mindful of the bottom line -- including associations and other professional organizations. Do we really expect the HRPA to stop innovating and bringing to market new certifications that have some currency for HR professionals, especially as we tweak our own bottom line -- or value proposition. No, not all programs appeal to me, but I don't have to take them. I applaud innovation and am not at all naive about the fiscal realities that drive it.
  • Larry Dawson on 2014-12-05 4:36:59 PM

    The same kind of misguided thinking that will ultimately destroy the HR objective of self regulation. Look to the other reguleated professions - they know the designation - DR., lawyer, Accountant, Engineer - are recognized, well understood, and stand for something. Start diluting the HR profession with multiple "designations" and the public, and direct management - tune out! The most telling comment I heard about this dispute was from the CEO of a medical supply company -"... if you guys can't even agree among yourselves about a professional designation, you're not only not a profession, then as far as I'm concerned, you're just what you've always been - the policy wonks who live behind the accounting office."

  • Conrad Jones on 2014-12-11 7:37:12 AM

    Is it possible for an association to actually set your profession back 10 years? I have received similar responses to Larry's from top executives with respect to this debacle. The only result this title/regulation dilution has yielded is to call in to question the legitimacy of the HR profession in comparison to other well-governed roles.

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