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Hello, I'm a senior manager in a hotel. I also happen to be very good friends with the director of our HR department. She and I have a great report with each other, and occasionally our families will hang out together.

Just yesterday she confessed to me that she's having an affair with the GM of our hotel, who is my direct supervisor as well. Both of them are married, and have kids. That's really not my concern at all though, it's none of my business.

When she confessed this to me, I told her I would help her as a friend, and be there for support. We exchanged a few texts on the matter, and further conversation this morning.

I have told her how I disapprove, and went so far as to say that whether this is consensual or not, it exposes the entire hotel and the hotel chain to very serious legal issues. I expressed that she need not beat her self up, but she needs to either end the relationship, or one of them needs to leave.

Since expressing this opinion to her, she's been acting oddly, and has asked me to delete all the texts regarding this, and any other incriminating things I may have.

The rub of this all is that the GM doesn't know that I know. But I'm very concerned that she will get this panic of regret for telling me, and then together impact my job.

How do I protect myself?
  • Rene on 2014-12-03 2:04:28 PM

    You did the right thing by staying true to yourself. Keep your text messages and take notes of peculiar behavior or any mistreatment that you may have.

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