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How do you handle employees with mental health issues? I believe that one of my employees might be bipolar. I know that she is on medication but doesn’t always take it due to the side-effects. What recourse do I have to deal with this? What’s the best way to approach her? How do I deal with this effectively?
  • Dave on 2014-12-01 9:34:59 AM

    The common sense approach.
    You are bad let me help you to become good.
    We need to make a number of assumptions such as this person has confided to you that they have a condition.
    I always like to look to see what laws I need to comply with prior to taking action.
    Provincial / Federal and accompanying acts and regulations (duty to accommodate).
    With behavioral issues I find it best to deal with the actions of the individual not their condition at least initially.
    What behavior is the individual displaying that is not confirming to your organizations policies / rules have a meeting to discuss (a unionized position may have a slightly different approach) . If you do not have specific policies / rules not to worry there are still norms that we consider in every employment relationship. After you discuss the actions that are objectionable and what is expected offer assistance EAP's / company sponsored benefits, provincial programs and what the organization can do that may be of assistance. Give the person an opportunity to correct their behavior and follow up on the progress.
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    Thank you

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