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Vacancies have a shelf life by HRM | 2013-01-24 8:54:56 AM

If it has been 72 days and you’ve still not filled the position, the talent pool assumes there’s a reason no one wants the role. read more

Tattoo tolerance: hospital can’t ask nurses to cover up by Caitlin Nobes | 2013-01-24 7:12:25 AM

Despite studies showing tattoos and piercings can affect patient trust levels, an Ontario arbitrator says hospital staff shouldn’t have to hide their body more

Wearing headphones at work: time for HR to step-in? by Stephanie Zillman | 2013-01-22 8:12:25 AM

It’s a fine-line between communicating optimal work conditions to employees, and coming across as the fun police. But new evidence suggests allowing headphones could dent the bottom line. read more

Employee outsources his own job to China by Rose Sneyd | 2013-01-21 4:47:32 PM

Ever wished that you could pay someone else to do your job? Bob is one step ahead of you. read more

National standard to improve mental health released today by HRM | 2013-01-17 2:04:20 PM

A new standard from the Ministry of Labour is aimed at promoting mental health in the workplaceread more

Speed date your candidates by HRM | 2013-01-16 11:09:20 AM

Is faster better? A new approach from San Fran’s tech industry gives candidates just five minutes to impressread more

Are anonymous resumes the answer to discrimination? by HRM | 2013-01-14 11:11:01 AM

Could you be pre-judging candidates by their name or other identifying factors? Take steps to reduce unconscious more

Toronto Star fined over worker injury by HRM | 2013-01-10 2:29:25 PM

One of the country’s biggest newspapers will pay more than $100k after a worker was injured while cleaning a machineread more