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Support groups for the overworked by HRM | 2013-02-10 3:32:45 PM

The employee who is the first to arrive and the last to leave may be the celebrated ideal, but alongside a growing trend of workaholic support groups, is it time to declare the emperor is not wearing any clothes?read more

Is insufficient pay chasing your workers away? by HRM | 2013-01-31 6:01:32 PM

They say staff leave managers, not jobs, but it seems employees don’t agree, with bad pay topping the list of reasons to quitread more

Workplace stress causes problem drinking by Stephanie Zillman | 2013-01-30 3:55:59 PM

As 2013 shifts into gear, so too is increased workplace stress and the rise of problem drinking. What can employers do to curb the trendread more

Stop searching for the purple squirrel by Stephanie Zillman | 2013-01-24 1:58:16 PM

The hiring formula dictates that HR and hiring managers attempt to find the perfect candidate to fill a vacant role. But according to one HR pro, you’ve got it all more

Vacancies have a shelf life by HRM | 2013-01-24 8:54:56 AM

If it has been 72 days and you’ve still not filled the position, the talent pool assumes there’s a reason no one wants the role. read more

Tattoo tolerance: hospital can’t ask nurses to cover up by Caitlin Nobes | 2013-01-24 7:12:25 AM

Despite studies showing tattoos and piercings can affect patient trust levels, an Ontario arbitrator says hospital staff shouldn’t have to hide their body more

Wearing headphones at work: time for HR to step-in? by Stephanie Zillman | 2013-01-22 8:12:25 AM

It’s a fine-line between communicating optimal work conditions to employees, and coming across as the fun police. But new evidence suggests allowing headphones could dent the bottom line. read more