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Are anonymous resumes the answer to discrimination? by HRM | 2013-01-14 11:11:01 AM

Could you be pre-judging candidates by their name or other identifying factors? Take steps to reduce unconscious more

Toronto Star fined over worker injury by HRM | 2013-01-10 2:29:25 PM

One of the country’s biggest newspapers will pay more than $100k after a worker was injured while cleaning a machineread more

Aussie law would 'end workplace banter' by Stephanie Zillman | 2013-01-10 2:25:26 PM

Workplace banter could soon be a thing of the past if Australia's draft anti-discrimination and harassment laws get passedread more

Damaged goods: why you should hire the “scarred” worker by Caitlin Nobes | 2013-01-07 11:07:51 PM

Looking for the bright, breezy, cheerful candidate? Scared of the guy who seems to have had a lot of knocks? One top CEO says your priorities are more

Fifty-two jobs in one year? Now that’s an adventure by | 2013-01-04 5:27:04 PM

Some 12 months ago Paul Seymour set out to find his true passion by working a new job each week – and after working for 52 employers, Seymour discovered something even more rewarding than his dream more

Fired for being ‘irresistible’ by HRM | 2013-01-04 2:13:18 PM

Many would like to think themselves ‘irresistible’ – but not if it means getting fired. Yet that’s exactly what happened to one so-called ‘irresistible’ dental nurse in the US. read more

A beep to disturb sedentary office workers by HRM | 2012-12-07 4:13:26 PM

Sedentary office workers are in for a rude awakening – new on the market is a ‘sitting pad’ which makes a loud beep every 30 minutes to remind them to move their butt. read more

Secret Santa hell rolls around again by Stephanie Zillman | 2012-11-30 11:39:35 AM

There are those who delight in the task of buying someone they’ve barely spoken to in the office a gift worth $10. There are others who would rather munch on broken glass. read more

Perk up: engaging employees with discount programs by Caitlin Nobes | 2012-11-29 9:43:03 AM

Trying to find ways to engage employees and show your appreciation? An employee discount program can be a tool to engage and retain staffread more