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Scariest job interview ever becomes amusing TV advert by | 2013-09-09 7:47:22 AM

An electronic company terrifies job applicants by fooling them into thinking they’ve witnessed the end of the world then turns their reactions into an ad. read more

Finding the right resume in the pile by HRM | 2013-08-29 2:49:05 PM

Coffee, treats and over-the-top resumes – would these work on you? HR managers report receiving everything from bribes, cards and invitations to coffee from hopeful applicants –does it ever work?read more

“Make me some pie”: suspended over sexist tweets by HRM | 2013-08-27 9:15:51 AM

As Toronto Fire tries to encourage women to join their brigade, two male firefighters have been suspended over sexist more

Older workers getting “younger”? by Caitlin Nobes | 2013-08-23 8:46:49 AM

Should you be more concerned about older staff getting bored, than the aging workforce and mass retirement?read more

Flex work gender bias – against women by HRM | 2013-08-19 10:13:03 AM

Two employees ask for the same flexibility, so why does only the man’s request approved?read more