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“I can’t come to the office, I’m working for the CIA” by | 2013-12-20 5:01:47 PM

Red-faced HR: US government worker avoids more than two years of work by convincing supervisors he was working for the more

Client Christmas cards – how to get it right by | 2013-12-19 8:38:06 AM

Sending a Christmas greeting to your clients can be the finishing touch to a successful year’s relationship building, but get it wrong and you could undo all that hard work. Here are some top Yuletide tipsread more

Could ‘stay’ interviews help you avoid exits? by Cameron Edmond | 2013-12-16 8:19:40 AM

Exit interviews are a great way to gain operational insights, but come at a cost. The HR solution may well be “stay” more

Breaking Bath: Employee destroys wall to escape bathroom by Caitlin Nobes | 2013-12-16 5:57:38 AM

Here's a situation few HR have ever experienced, with one employee’s trip to the loo turning quite literally into a bathroom break ... out. read more

Is your job just a job? Blame your parents! by Tammy Buckley | 2013-12-13 12:06:06 PM

Parents get the blame for a lot of things but it turns out they can also be held accountable for how employees feel about their work. read more

Canadian corporations under-invest in training opportunities by | 2013-12-11 9:42:54 AM

Private-sector businesses across the country are failing to invest in employee training programs and missing out on the opportunity for increased productivity as a result. The question is whether your company is one of more