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10 craziest tweets from J.P. Morgan’s Q&A by Cameron Edmond | 2013-11-15 10:09:26 AM

Some PR people still think “Twitter Q&As” are a great idea no matter the company. J.P. Morgan, you’ve made a huge mistake read more

The bell curve comeback by Cameron Edmond | 2013-11-14 11:09:36 AM

Viewed nowadays as an archaic methodology, one household name is bringing back bell curve rankings, and employees aren’t too happyread more

Pets at work: Good for business or just barking mad? by Cameron Edmond | 2013-11-06 10:05:01 AM

Start-ups and SMEs might have a lot of four-legged staff around nowadays, but is it always the right idea? Here are some top tips to get it right. read more

One in four actively job hunting: what can you do? by HRM | 2013-11-04 9:54:52 AM

Employers need to do more to retain top talent, according to one HR more

Crazy requests managers can legally ask staff to do? by Tammy Buckley | 2013-11-01 8:50:30 AM

Spurred on by a recent legal query, two HR bloggers have put together an amusing list of legalities for the workplaces. read more

Political affiliations taboo at work? by HRM | 2013-10-31 7:51:00 AM

The majority of British workers are scared to reveal political beliefs - are Canadians as wary?read more

Caring for the office cry baby by HRM | 2013-10-30 11:12:25 AM

Let’s face it, crying at work happens – even Facebook’s COO Sheryl Sandberg admits to having shed tears in the office, but how can it best be managed? read more

Gen Y to the haters: We don’t like you either by HRM | 2013-10-30 8:43:12 AM

Generation Y make up a third of the workplace, and they are the most maligned demographic – but the generation conflict isn’t more