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Could ‘stay’ interviews help you avoid exits? by Cameron Edmond | 2013-12-16 8:19:40 AM

Exit interviews are a great way to gain operational insights, but come at a cost. The HR solution may well be “stay” more

Breaking Bath: Employee destroys wall to escape bathroom by Caitlin Nobes | 2013-12-16 5:57:38 AM

Here's a situation few HR have ever experienced, with one employee’s trip to the loo turning quite literally into a bathroom break ... out. read more

Is your job just a job? Blame your parents! by Tammy Buckley | 2013-12-13 12:06:06 PM

Parents get the blame for a lot of things but it turns out they can also be held accountable for how employees feel about their work. read more

Canadian corporations under-invest in training opportunities by | 2013-12-11 9:42:54 AM

Private-sector businesses across the country are failing to invest in employee training programs and missing out on the opportunity for increased productivity as a result. The question is whether your company is one of more

How to tell a staff member they're dressed inappropriately by | 2013-12-10 8:55:02 AM

Ripped jeans, worn t-shirts, see-through blouses – you might know what unacceptable clothing looks like, but how do you address it? read more

Fake HR exec weeds out bad hires by Tammy Buckley | 2013-12-09 7:38:41 AM

Manners matter but sometimes a person is already hired before HR realizes they lack etiquette. So how can HR avoid this? Employ a ‘fake HR’, according to one CEO. read more

Stay classy this Christmas by Rose Sneyd | 2013-12-06 9:44:36 AM

Tie askew, ladders in stockings, smeared makeup… the Christmas party can be the best networking opportunity of the year, or it can be a messy, messy downfall. Here’s how to keep it together this Xmas. read more

Should you be doing more to support parents? by Caitlin Nobes | 2013-12-05 12:25:04 PM

Most women fear having children will impact their career. Are you doing enough to make sure it doesn’t?read more