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GM confronts pay-equity concerns by | 2014-02-11 3:27:11 PM

International backlash against data indicating gender pay inequity for the new GM CEO has lead the company to release figures contradicting earlier more

GM’s first female CEO earns less than male predecessor by | 2014-02-10 11:05:04 AM

Mary Barra’s appointment at GM was touted as a win for equality, but new information shows she will earn less than half the salary of her more

Return to work planning for employees with mental illness by | 2014-02-10 8:55:29 AM

Helping employees return from disability leave can be daunting, but for staff with mental illness there can be even more confusion. What can you do to ease their return to work?read more

10 deadliest jobs in the USA…revealed by | 2014-02-05 7:21:16 PM

The number of fatalities at US workplaces has fallen nearly 30% since 1992; can you guess today’s most dangerous professions? read more

Teen sacked for wearing Broncos jersey in Washington workplace by | 2014-01-31 12:31:57 PM

Almost a quarter of Canadians watch the superbowl, and many will have picked a side to support. Should you have game day policies in place to avoid an embarrassing situation like this?read more

How to handle anger in the workplace by Vernon Clement Jones | 2014-01-27 2:52:25 PM

Delivering bad news can often provoke an angry response from who ever is on the receiving end – an expert shares her tips for managing an angry employee. read more

Reducing the harm of bullying and harassment by | 2014-01-22 9:59:20 PM

If HR thinks an investigation is over once a finding has been made they’re missing a major step to repair damage and improve the more

The damages of ‘exploding’ job offers by | 2014-01-17 2:30:57 PM

No, you don’t need an answer ’straight away’, and here is why. read more