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And the winners of 2014 Canadian HR Awards are ... by Jamie Henry | 2014-11-12 10:25:32 AM

Human resources professionals driving growth and innovation across corporate Canada claimed accolades at the Canadian HR more

Getting to grips with the perfect handshake by HRM | 2014-11-03 3:44:40 PM

Mastering the perfect handshake is an age-old art that, according to one expert, is becoming both a rare and sought-after commodity. read more

‘Proud to be gay’- How Tim Cook’s announcement will affect office attitudes by HRM | 2014-10-31 4:53:02 PM

Advocates are saying the CEO’s recent announcement could help change attitudes in offices around the more

Will performance enhancing drugs make an appearance in the workplace? by Nicola Middlemiss | 2014-10-30 6:24:19 PM

Performance-enhancing drugs are most often associated with top level athletes but one expert is saying we might soon see them in the workplace. read more

Poor investigation and inconsistent policies undermine HR decisions by Caitlin Nobes | 2014-10-30 10:58:59 AM

A BC Supreme Court decision shows the importance of applying HR policies consistently to prevent terminations being overturned in more

Why the ideal employee may be quite the opposite by HRM | 2014-10-28 11:22:06 AM

Be careful: some of the traits HR professionals love to extol could well be indicative of personality more

Important amendments made to Employment Standards Act by HRM | 2014-10-27 1:05:54 PM

Upcoming amendments mean employers in Ontario must prepare for the possibility that some workers could be absent for up to two years. read more