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Lighter side: The world’s hardest interview questions by HRM | 2014-10-24 6:05:43 PM

Oxford University has released some sample questions, to debunk the myth that they’re “unanswerable”. You be the judge. read more

How to handle Ebola fears in the workplace? by HRM | 2014-10-21 1:59:11 PM

Are we really ready for a discussion on mandatory Ebola screening in the workplace? A growing number of legal experts are now debating just more

How to cope with self-absorbed co-workers by HRM | 2014-10-21 1:24:34 PM

Self-absorbed people have a “sense of entitlement and lack of empathy” – which makes working together rather more

Using ‘big data’ to evaluate cultural fit by HRM | 2014-10-13 12:02:44 AM

HR should be using ‘big data’ to help them tune out what applicants are saying, and focus more on how they are saying more

HR burdened by legislative changes by HRM | 2014-10-08 1:11:41 PM

How much of your day-to-day role is comprised of getting your head around yet another legislative change?read more

How to prepare your workplace for the Ebola threat? by HRM | 2014-10-02 2:00:28 PM

The Ebola virus has made its first appearance outside the African continent, with a Liberian traveler in Texas testing positive. The chances of the virus coming its spread in North America are exceedingly low, say experts, but it’s worth launching a preparation program to allay fears among your more