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HRDs – is it possible to go part-time? by Nicola Middlemiss | 2015-02-04 9:03:39 AM

Flexible working hours may work to some employees’ advantage but is it really possible to perform a senior role, part-time? read more

“It’s time to invest in young Canadians.” by Nicola Middlemiss | 2015-02-03 2:14:38 PM

Canada is stuck in the 20th century, says leading employment lawyer – major changes must be more

Lighter Side: Chip and skin – the next workplace perk? by Nicola Middlemiss | 2015-01-30 2:34:52 PM

Swedish employees are getting under-the-skin implants to ease everyday nuisances at work…read more

What would you change about the HR industry? by Nicola Middlemiss | 2015-01-29 11:00:14 AM

HRM Online asked leading professionals what they’d change about our beloved industry. Surely there’s nothing…right? read more

An end to unpaid interns? by Nicola Middlemiss | 2015-01-28 10:01:26 PM

Parliamentary meeting suggests employers might not be able to rely on unpaid interns for much longer…read more

Tim Hortons lay-offs labelled “tremendous opportunity” by Nicola Middlemiss | 2015-01-28 10:15:25 AM

Recent lay-offs certainly won’t seem like a “tremendous opportunity” to all – but is a thrifty investment firm to blame? read more

Canada in top 5 for human capital competitiveness by Nicola Middlemiss | 2015-01-27 1:18:44 PM

Europe dominates but Canada secures a safe 5th place for talent competitiveness. INSEAD offers advice on improvement…read more

Working long hours leads to “risky” relationship with alcohol by HRM | 2015-01-27 8:39:46 AM

New study suggests workaholics might have an even worse addiction to worry about…read more