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How to end a culture of secret keeping by Nicola Middlemiss | 2014-11-26 3:10:51 PM

New research has found the counterproductive practice of keeping secrets from co-workers might be more common than you realize…here’s how to stop it from more

HR lessons from a distinguished astronaut by HRM | 2014-11-24 2:50:14 PM

The most admirable managers are the ones whose decisions determine life or death. Astronaut Chris Hadfield reveals what HR can learn from his harrowing more

​What are you really worth? by HRM | 2014-11-21 2:23:19 PM

HR professionals are accustomed to assessing and recommending salary levels for others, but do you know what you're worth?read more

​Employee awarded $185m in pregnancy discrimination case by HRM | 2014-11-21 12:26:58 AM

A US jury awarded a new mother $185 million in damages after they found that she had been a victim of pregnancy and gender more

Thanks, but no thanks, say Canadian women at work by HRM | 2014-11-19 3:06:04 PM

Canadian women may be breaking down barriers to win equal workplace opportunity - but that doesn’t mean they actually want to work in senior more

What to do if your star employee is a jerk by HRM | 2014-11-19 9:26:48 AM

Does your star performer treat other staff badly? If so, you may have a brilliant jerk in the more

HR jobs in small Canadian towns by | 2014-11-17 11:47:45 AM

There’s been growing interest from recruiters in bringing more prospective employees to smaller Canadian towns like Yellowknife. What’s the best way to attract these employees to a smaller city? Let us know what you think on the HRM Online Forum. read more

Keeping employees engaged? How do you do it? by | 2014-11-17 11:46:56 AM

Do you have a comment on how to keep employees engaged and involved in the day-to-day tasks? How do you keep up morale amongst key employees? Have your say on the HRM Online Forum and share your experiences. read more

Best place to work overseas in Finance HR? by | 2014-11-17 11:45:25 AM

Professionals in the HR industry are increasingly headed overseas in hopes of advancing their careers. Do you have a comment on the best places to set up shop as a HR employee in the Finance Industry? Let us know what you think on the HRM Online Forum. read more

Approaching an employee about mental health by | 2014-11-17 11:44:27 AM

Is there a right way to approach an employee that you suspect as having mental health issues? How do you approach them? Weigh in on the HRM Online Forum. read more