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Employee fired after working for ‘Coke and Pepsi’ by Ben Abbott | 2015-08-26 5:40:07 AM

An employee working for two competing employers in the same industry has been terminated, the latest casualty on a growing more

Do employers need a mind-shift as millennials shun university? by Steve Randall | 2015-08-25 11:40:29 AM

Canadian millennials are opting out of secondary education which may need a paradigm shift for more

Trudeau’s workplace ‘flexibility’ battleline from HR playbook by Ben Abbott | 2015-08-24 3:43:20 PM

Federal Liberal leader Justin Trudeau is channelling HR, with a range of policies pitched directly at workers who want work-life balance and more

Liberal party makes promise on flexible working by Steve Randall | 2015-08-23 2:20:09 PM

The Liberal leader Justin Trudeau says his party will introduce flexible work hours if they win the election but could it bring benefits to employers as well as workers?read more

Final answer sought on lack of women in management by Ben Abbott | 2015-08-21 9:34:43 AM

Two counties have $241,000 earmarked for just one thing: finding women to promote, and propelling them into more

Yahoo employee faces force of employment agreement by Ben Abbott | 2015-08-20 9:54:51 AM

An ex-Yahoo employee will pay an undisclosed sum to the company after leaking information to a journalist in violation of her employment more

Unions criticize “heavy handed” ruling on social media by Steve Randall | 2015-08-19 1:53:54 PM

Public sector workers are being restricted in their use of social media during the election campaign and the unions aren’t happy!read more

Are your employees as honest as you think? by Steve Randall | 2015-08-18 12:18:18 PM

Three workers at a Canadian museum were secretly pocketing thousands of dollars in box-office receipts but the details have only just been made more

HR vice president named in Canadian sexual harassment lawsuit by Ben Abbott | 2015-08-18 9:51:10 AM

A senior vice president of HR has been named in a lawsuit alleging sexual harassment by a former premier of more

The toughest industries, locations to hire staff by Steve Randall | 2015-08-14 11:26:06 AM

A new survey from StatsCan has revealed the location and rate of job vacancies across more