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Does HR really have to accommodate a vegan employee? by Nicola Middlemiss | 2016-04-08 2:20:31 PM

It might sound far-fetched to some but recent changes to the Ontario Human Rights Code suggest more

B.C hospital backs tattooed employee by Nicola Middlemiss | 2016-04-07 9:49:08 AM

One former patient claims a nurse’s “terrifying” tattoo left her with nightmares but bosses have stood by their liberal appearance more

“It’s an employee’s world, not an employer’s world.” by Nicola Middlemiss | 2016-04-06 1:32:51 AM

A Canadian retailer who complained about poor work ethic and a lack of governmental support says she’s now been inundated with job more

How to respectfully fire someone by Miklos Bolza | 2016-04-04 11:16:36 AM

Whether they're a major player or a junior clerk, one CEO says it's important to keep things civil and stop bridges being more

Employee skips training, pockets $13K instead by John Hilton | 2016-04-04 10:44:14 AM

The 26-year-old plumber missed 491 hours of compulsory education and kept the funds for more

A quarter of Canadians trust robots over bosses by Nicola Middlemiss | 2016-04-01 6:24:44 PM

Many workers admit to thinking a computer program would be more ethical and dependable than their more

“Ridiculous” legislation sees HR-language banned by Nicola Middlemiss | 2016-04-01 2:33:10 PM

Ontario employers are reeling after a controversial Act was passed this morning, banning the use of certain terminology in employment more

The training technique many are too afraid to use by John Hilton | 2016-03-31 10:26:57 AM

It can boost engagement, encourage creativity and increase productivity but many leaders are still reluctant to use this one skill in the more

Empathy: The forgotten factor in leadership? by John Hilton | 2016-03-30 8:20:55 AM

Empathy power allows leaders to connect with people's emotions. Here's how they can implement it effectivelyread more