• Crafting Canadian Culture

    As the head of HR for one of Canada’s biggest retailers, Canadian Tire CHRO Doug Nathanson is working hard to ensure corporate employees are productive, but also happy. He tells HRD about recent company initiatives focused on boosting engagement and internal corporate branding. read more

  • Once upon a long ago

    Traditional leadership programs, with their suite of standard skills development opportunities, may not produce leaders capable of dealing with ambiguity and complexity. An alternative approach places an emphasis on facilitating ‘self-actualisation’ through storytelling. Paul Lawrence & Kieran White explain read more

  • Talking loud...and say nothing

    Online communication, printed material, and town hall meetings keep staff updated about organizational changes taking place, but they do not change opinions. Steve Casey outlines a more effective approach to change communication read more

  • Turning engagement upside down

    With countless employers failing to get cut-through with traditional notions of what engages employees, Ian Hutchinson, founder of Life by Design, says it’s time for fresh take on engagement read more

  • It's a living thing

    Far from being like a machine, the modern business is more akin to a living organism. It is the connections between employees, the cells of the organism, which determine whether it thrives or perishes. Mike Handes outlines why social media forces HR to prioritize this technology shift read more

  • Looking for trouble

    Gary Taylor questions the relevance of the sudden urge to check candidate profiles on social media during the reference checking process read more